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We are a group of experienced builders and businessmen who are passionate about good design and building. Contrary to today’s common building practice where various components of the process are undertaken by separate firms and contractors, often with cross purposes and uncoordinated results, our team methodology is design/build, where the intelligence of the designer, manager, contractor and artisan are integrated into a collective effort, producing projects which are well designed, efficient, sustainable and affordable.

Seilig Residence — Malibu CA — Completed Summer 1990

Our firm effectively resolves building challenges over a wide spectrum of project types. We employ our own craftsmen and artisans, who have extensive experience and training in their various trades. Subcontractors often are not in alignment with the best interests of the project; scheduling, cost and quality can be more difficult to control. Our team approach gives better continuity to the process, resulting in cost and time efficiencies.


Eloquent Solutions

Canyon Project — Mammoth Lakes CA

From inception to completion, ETF inc. integrates design, process and craft into a single team effort. Pre-construction is coordinated by our multi-disciplinary group of professionals who’s focused passion is to create quality, everlasting designs with environmental consciousness. Combined with over 25 years of professional licensed contracting we have created a construction process that is lean and efficient. Our in-house artisans allow for a controlled process by matching material and labor availability to techniques and skills to produce the highest quality for a understated cost.

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Environmental Consideration

We care about our buildings and how they affect people and the environment. For this reason, we have developed expertise in sustainable strategies and construction methods. Our experience in green building dates back to the early eighties, when we experimented with modular construction, now, it is engrained in everything we produce. We have built LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings and have three LEED accredited professionals on our team.

Green buildings outperform their conventional counterparts across a wide variety of metrics. In addition to lowering energy use and life cycle costs, they are healthier and more durable then their conventional counterparts. Our holistic approach to building and design addresses the aspects that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 reduction, indoor environmental quality and resource conservation. Our company is committed to creating thoughtfully conceived, quality projects that are environmentally sound.

Our company is well versed in the LEED certification process; we are able to handle all the supervision and documentation required by the USGBC to achieve certification of commercial and residential buildings. To date, we have achieved LEED Gold certification on four homes and are currently working on a LEED Platinum home.