Green Building

We care about how the buildings we build serve the people who use them and the environment around them. Our expertise in sustainable strategies and construction methods has given us first hand experience with successful green projects.

As a LEED accredited professional with several completed LEED certified projects we are focused on attaining sustainable goals in all our work, whether LEED rated or not.

The Green building process is about much more than just energy efficiency and use of resources; it is an approach of building to a higher standard of best practices across the complete range of building elements. Material sourcing, mechanical systems, waste recycling and the craftsmanship of fit and finish are all redefined to a higher level resulting in buildings that are energy efficient and healthier to live in, and much higher in quality throughout.

LEED certified buildings outperform their conventional counterparts across a wide range of metrics including water and energy use, operational costs, life cycle maintenance costs, and market values. Our approach incorporates environmental concerns and goals into the processes from the start, thereby achieving green solutions without necessarily adding to the cost of the project.

ETFI is committed to the creation of thoughtfully conceived quality projects that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound, and resource and energy efficient.